Nesma Abdel Aziz

Nesma Abdelaziz

Nesma Abdel Aziz was Born in Cairo, started her musical studies at the age of 12. Studied with several professors among them Zain Elashkar, Adel Ibrahim (Egypt), Vladimir Avanasief (Ukraine), Sylvie Gulda (France), Vladimir Doling (Germany) and Peter Mitchel (USA). Obtained her Bachelor degree from the Cairo Conservatoire with honors in 1997.
In 1999, she obtained her diploma with distinction. Performed as a soloist with the Cairo Opera Orchestra, Cairo Festival Orchestra, Akhnaton Chamber Orchestra, Al Hanager String Orchestra and the Academy of Arts Symphony Orchestra. Participated with the Mediterranean Youth Orchestra in France year 1995 and 1996. In 1997, she obtained a scholarship to study in Germany with Professor Vladimir Doling. In 1998, she represented Egypt in Palermo Festival (Italy) in which she performed several concerts in Palermo and the Egyptian Academy in Rome. In 1999, she performed in front of President Mubarak in a concert celebrating the Revolution Day in which the President granted her a scholarship to study in the USA. During the same year, she went to the USA to study at the UCLA University, Los Angeles with Prof. Peter Mitchel.
In 2000, she performed Hummel concerto for percussion with the Cairo Opera Orchestra in the Cairo Opera House celebrating the 75th birthday of Bertold Hummel who was attending the concert and that made nesma the first musician to play this concerto in Africa. She has been invited to represent Egypt in the second festival of “Women Creators of the Two Seas; Mediterranean and Black Sea” which was held in Thessalonica.
She was the solo percussionist of the Cairo Opera Orchestra for many years. She has finished her Masters in Hummel’s Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra and now she is preparing for her PHD degree.
She established in 2000 the first music group in Egypt for marimba and percussion instruments called “Nesma Group”.
In 2003, the Cairo Opera House chose her to participate in the 12th Arab Music Festival in which she presented collected Arab works. Nesma performed in the opening ceremony of the International Cardiac Medicine Conference (2004) attended by more than 2500 medical doctor from around the world. In the same year she presented a concert celebrating the Mediterranean Petroleum Countries in Alexandria.
She is the first Egyptian musician that has three musical video clips in which she is playing on marimba and percussion instruments. She Performed several concerts in Egypt, Italy,Spian,germany,India Austria, Lebanon, USA, Switzerland, Dubai, Bahrain`, Jordan, Qatar and France. She participated in the Egyptian Festival in Canada in 2007, 2008. Nesma was awarded from Journalists Syndicate in 2009.

She participated in The International Music Day in Paris 2008,2009 and in the Mediterranean music festival in corse 2010.Currently, She is working as a assistant professor at the Cairo Conservatoire.
In july 2011 she performed the jolivet concerto for percussion which is considered to be a very important work in the percussion repertoire and it was played for the first time in Egypt.
She is a member of the Egyptian contemporary music ensemble. Currently, she is preparing to produce her first music album and her first CD containing classic and Arabic music works for percussion instrument.
She got her PHD degree of arts from the higher institute of music (cairo conservatory) in 2014.
In the same year she won the state incentive award in arts for playing jolive concerto for percussion and orchestra.
She participated in the celebration of opening the new suez canal, organized by Giza Government and took place at the Great Pyramids.
In October 2015 she participated in a celebration presented by tourism promotion authority to support tourism, the event took place at Abu Simbel in Aswan.

Nesma Abdelaziz Group

Nesma Abdel Aziz Group was established in 2000 and aims to present a new type of music which combines classical music, modern music, jazz, and international music in addition to Arab music with and thus creates a new musical pattern that depends on mixing between Western and Arab instruments as Mezmar, Tabla, Rababa, and many others and to present it in a contemporary context that is compatible with marimba and percussions.
The group performed many concerts at the Cairo Opera House and many cultural centers, and also presented concerts abroad in Greece, Turkey, Paris, Italy, Canada ,India,moscow and achieved a great success.
The group participated in several musical festivals like the Citadel Festival, Arab Music Festival and the International Music Day in Paris

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